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January 30

posted Jan 30, 2013, 4:54 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Feb 1, 2013, 5:04 AM ]
Day 3--

The last few days we've been looking at explorers and the places they explored, using an Explorers' Chart and an Explorers' Slideshow to help learn about the different people involved in the Age of Discovery. Last night's homework reading helped you understand how some of those explorers were connected to each other, and how they often progressed, over time, in their ability to travel greater distances across the oceans. Today, we'll turn our attention to the tools and technologies that made this exploration possible.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT, please make sure that you have turned in your Chart, your Slideshow, and Last Night's Homework in the Daily Work DropBox. If you've already done this, you don't need to do it again, even if you've edited the file. In fact, you'll be adding to one of these files as you complete today's in-class assignment. 

We'll begin with a short video: Turning points in history: Age of Discovery (3:16)

Science, Technology & Society (197) 
READ the short passage on page 197 about the new technologies that helped explorers of the time venture into new areas of the world. As you read, look for answers to the two questions at the end of the reading. 

Open your document with last night's homework, and add your answers to the 2 questions on page 197 to the end of last night's assignment. 

When finished with those questions, follow ONE of the links below to learn more about ONE of the technologies available to explorers at the time. (If you want to choose a ship or tool used by the explorer in your slideshow, you can reuse the information from today's assignment in your slideshow!)
Take notes about the technology you've chosen, adding your notes to last night's homework. 
Focus on answering some of the questions below (not all pages can answer all these questions; use them as a guide only):
  • What made your ship/tool useful to explorers at the time?
  • What problem(s) did your ship/tool help solve?
  • How did your ship/tool build and improve on earlier technologies?
  • What were the geographical or cultural sources of your ship/tool? (Where did it come from? Who invented it?)
  • How / why did your ship/tool work?
  • What did your ship/tool still lack  -- what were its drawbacks?
  • What are some interesting or unusual facts about your ship/tool?
Here are your choices:

Finished? Already? Well, you can help others, relax, or get started on your next homework assignment, due on Friday. 

HOMEWORK: Due Friday, February 1

Chapter 6.1- B)  The Spanish Empire and European Rivals 

READ pages 198-201


a) Conquistadors (198)

b) Hernan Cortes (198)

c) Montezuma (198)

d) Francisco Pizarro (199)

e) Encomienda (199)


a)  What similarities were there between the Spanish  conquest of the Aztecs and of the Incas? (198-199)

b)  What effects did the encomienda system have on the Native American populations? (199)