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December 10

posted Dec 10, 2012, 5:40 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Dec 10, 2012, 9:01 AM ]
Note: If you are planning to retake the Renaissance Unit test, please let Mr. Knowles know when you will be coming in to take it. Before taking it, remember to:
  1. Make corrections to all questions you missed on the first test
  2. Complete and/or improve the formative assessments for the unit (Renaissance WebByte, People, Places, Things & Ideas, Renaissance Locations, Google Map, Comparison assignment). 
  3. Bring all those with you when you will retake the test.
Remember: The retake test is NOT the same test you took the first time, so be prepared before coming in.

Learning Target ImageWhat will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?   What idea, topic, or subject is important for me to learn and understand so that I can do this?   What will I do to show that I can do this? How well will I have to do this?
 I will be able to explain the basic concepts of the Reformation, and identify the major ideas and people involved.
I need to find out why people challenged the Christian Church in the years following the Renaissance, and how the new ideas threatened the old established powers.
I will read and discuss a short summary of the textbook's reading while creating questions and comments about the reading. This is a formative assessment. The reading and questions and comments I come up with will help me understand the material I need in my next summative assessment. 

Today we'll begin looking at one of the unintended results of the Renaissance that we've recently studied, called The Reformation
We'll begin first with a word RECANT and a short video that revolves around that word.

After watching the video together, you'll be reading a short summary of the story behind the video, as well as what happened afterward. Follow the instructions on the assignment to create your own notes and questions related to the readings. You'll want to complete the assignment before the end of class. 

Homework:  Complete the reading summaries, questions and notes on your own or with a partner outside of class.  Due Tomorrow at start of class.