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April 23

posted Apr 23, 2013, 6:04 AM by Peter Knowles
Day 54--

Today you get your test back from yesterday. Take a few minutes to review your score and the questions you got right and wrong. 
(Note: The correct answer to #7 was D, but if you put A it should be circled and not be counted against your score). 

Before getting to work on your essay, complete this short survey about your test. Be sure to answer each question accurately. 

Once you've submitted your survey, it's time to get to work on that essay. 

It's due at Midnight tonight, so make the most of your time in class today.

 What you need to do Resources to help you
 Write an introductory paragraph How to write an introduction
 Include a thesis statement that answers the main question:
How do people challenge, change, and build on the ideas of those who have come before them?
 How to write a thesis statement
Discuss the Scientific Revolution, with a focused on the change from a geocentric to a heliocentric view of the universeChapter 10.1, & Web resources
How to organize a paragraph of research
Discuss the Enlightenment, showing its connection to the Scientific Revolution, and how the philosophes built on those earlier ideas        Chapter 10.2,  & Web resources 
How to organize a paragraph of research
Discuss the Enlightened Rulers and their attempts to put ideas of the Enlightenment into practiceChapter 10.3,  & Web resources
How to organize a paragraph of research
Discuss the American Revolution and how it was connected to the events of Europe (Seven Years' War, England's trade) and ideas of the Enlightenment (government, rights, etc.)Chapter 10.4,  & Web resources
How to organize a paragraph of research
Use and highlight content vocabulary terms when appropriate in your writing 
Include at least one primary source quotation in at least one of the paragraphs of your assessment How to use a primary source
Write a concluding paragraph that reviews or reinforces main points from the rest of the writing
Include a list of Works Cited, including textbook and at least 3 other sources. At least 1 should be a primary source. No more than one from Wikipedia. How to write a list of Works Cited
How to create a hanging indent 

Be sure to change the Sharing to allow Mr Knowles to View or Edit your writing, and use the Summative Assessment DropBox to turn it in.