September 2

posted Sep 2, 2011, 1:16 PM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Sep 2, 2011, 1:25 PM ]
Day 3

1. TURN IN: Did you remember to get your parent letter signed? How about your AUP? If you have either one (or both) signed, turn them into the basket. Please talk to Mr. Knowles if one or both of them is not in yet.

2. GROUP ACTIVITY: Find 2 others to work with on today's activity. Move to a secluded area of the room, and set up your Chromebooks so you can each see your own screen and also look up to talk to each other face to face. You will be working as a team to read about and discuss information about how web pages work and how they are created. 

Each of you needs a Target Reading handout, as well as a pen or pencil. Once you're all set, each of you should go to the web page called "How Web Pages Work” at ( The first page is a brief introduction (which you should read, of course) then move on to the next page called "Setting the Stage". 

As you and your teammates read this page, discuss the main ideas you encounter, and collaboratively fill out the segment of the target labeled "Setting the Stage".

As you discuss ideas, try to come to an agreement about what you should include, and where you should include it. Only one copy will be collected so it should represent your group's decisions.

When finished, the team should (at the same time) go to the next page, "Viewing Page Source" and repeat the process. Continue for the final two pages.

NOTE: One thing that is emphasized in this activity is teamwork. You should all be looking at/reading the same page at the same time, and having meaningful discussions about the topics you encounter. Make sure you stick together.