November 2

posted Nov 2, 2011, 12:21 PM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Nov 4, 2011, 5:58 AM ]
If you've had your fill with tables (see yesterday and the day before) it's time to try your hand at navigation bars that change colors as you hover and click them. 

Use the information, tutorials, and "try it yourself"s at to learn how to create a navigation bar that can be horizontal or vertical. 

Then, once you've learned how they work, create your own to meet the following requirements:

One of your favorite teachers has mentioned that he or she wants a navigation bar that will "dazzle the socks off" other teachers, parents, administrators, and students. Knowing that you know how to make horizontal and vertical navigation bars, he/she has asked YOU to make one. Using the CHS Master Class Schedule  choose ONE of your favorite teachers, and create a horizontal navigation bar to fit his or her schedule. And, since you aren't sure that he/she will want a horizontal one, you'd better offer a redesign of it as a vertical one, too. Include them both on the same page. 

Since this is a design demonstration, you don't have to actually link to anything in your navigation tabs, but you DO have to include <a href> tags to make them work. Just direct them to a dummy URL>
Also, since you have to show both a vertical and a horizontal, you're probably going to have to use some CSS id & Class styling, (maybe .horizontal and .vertical).....But it's up to you. 

Good luck!