November 18

posted Nov 18, 2011, 1:30 PM by Peter Knowles
Understanding the Box model---
What you need to understand to really understand CSS and Web Design.

Use the sites below to understand what the CSS Box Model is talking about. 
Make sure you understand the general purpose of the Box Model, as well as these particular elements:
  • margin
  • padding
  • border
  • width
These sites can help you get a feel for what it's all about:

Once you think you've got it, give it a try.

Go back through your past HTML documents and find the table you coded and styled with CSS. 

First, put a stationary background image on the file (like you learned yesterday)

Then, use the Box Model and a div tag called "box" to float your table somewhere near the middle of your page. 

HINT: Be sure to include the opening HTML <div> tag RIGHT BEFORE your <table> tag, and your closing </div> tag RIGHT AFTER your closing </table> tag. 

Share your code with Mr. Knowles when you're done.