November 16

posted Nov 16, 2011, 12:20 PM by Peter Knowles
Last Thursday you had a chance to learn about what some professional web designers consider good web design.  There were lots of rules (see below) and many of them didn't necessarily agree with each other. Some of them were more important to you than others, too. So you were supposed to find 2 good examples and 1 bad one to share with the class. 

Yesterday, we had a chance to see what you and your classmates took away from what they had to say. We looked at examples of Good and Bad web design (according to some). Sometimes we all agreed; sometimes we didn't. Not surprising, really, because everyone has their own tastes, and there were soooooooo many rules to think about. 

So Now it's time to get organized and focused. Today you and a partner will DISCUSS what you took away from this experience, and then create your own advice for others by makinga list of 
The TOP 5 (or TOP 10, if you must) Rules of Web Page Design.
Here's how:
  1. Choose a partner whose Good and Bad examples you agreed with (for the most part)
  2. Together, create one HTML document that lists the most important design rules to follow when creating a web page or web site. (You might want to re-visit the lists below from the 4 professional designers)
  3. List your rules in order of importance (would that be a <ul> or a <ol>?) from most important to least important.
  4. Have no fewer than 5, and no more than 10
  5. Be sure to title your list appropiately. It should name you and your partner, explain what it is, and give the number of rules you're including (Something like "Bill and Sue's Top 7 Rules for Web Design" would work, if your name was Bill or Sue). Include your title as a title in the <head> and as an <h1> heading in the <body>
  6. Use CSS to make it dazzle, sizzle or otherwise impress.
  7. Oh, be sure to follow your own rules!
Copy/paste the code into a Google  Doc when you're done and share it with Mr. Knowles. 

The list below shows ALL the rules we worked with on Thursday. Use the lists and items to help you identify the ones that should go on YOUR top 10 list.

Good Web Design