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Use HTML Editor to create a single web page from scratch, presenting information about yourself. Include only information that you feel comfortable sharing with the class and, potentially, the world. Be sure to include ALL required elements without coding errors. To score beyond a 3.0 you'll need to show more than the MINIMUM shown below.
NOTE: Until we get all the kinks worked out for logging in, make sure you copy/paste your daily work into a Google Doc that you can build on the next day. 


  1. Create a blank template for any web page, including the 3 key tags (both opening, and closing) that all web pages should have. 
  2. Add the following content:
    • Title (use both <title> & <h1>)
    • Minimum of 4 Sections
      • Add the following topics: ­
        • Background ­
        • Hobbies/Interests ­
        • Web Design Experience ­
        • 1 more section (your choice)
    • For each section, be sure to
      • Label each section with the <h2> tag
      • Add 1 or 2 paragraphs (<p>)
      • Make sure there are no coding errors
        1. Run it through the validator
      4.0 –No errors & Above & Beyond Requirements
      3.0 –No errors & meets MINIMUM requirements
      2.0 –No errors but with 1 missing element
      1.0Any errors in your code, no matter what the page looks like, or Incomplete (more than 1 item missing) but with no errors