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Assignment 3

  • Your first assignment was a brief biographical page about yourself; 
  • Your second assignment was a way to explore more of your interests while creating lists and links to other locations
  • This assignment is focused on the style of web pages, and you'll be using CSS to make your pages really sing.

Phase I: Create a single web page using HTML, presenting information about yourself, your life so far, and where you plan to go in your life. 
*Your page should have three different sections, titled Past, Present, and Future.
*Each section needs to have at least:
    • 2 different levels of head tags (<h2>, & <h3>, for example)
    • 1 list (<ol> or <ul>....make sure your page has at least one of each)
    • 1 text block (<p>)
    • 3 links (<a href="xxxx")
    • 1 image (<img src="xxx")*Be sure to use CC-friendly images
  • See the attached html file to help you visualize this part of the assignment.
* Include only information that you feel comfortable sharing with the class and, potentially, the world. Be sure to include ALL required elements without coding errors. 
To score beyond a 3.0 you'll need to show more than the MINIMUM shown above.
NOTE: If you're worried about losing your work, make sure you copy/paste your daily work into a Google Doc that you can build on the next day. 

Phase II: Once you've created your HTML page of content, CHECK YOUR CODE. Once it's perfect, you're ready to work on how it looks. 

Using CSS, you need to style the following items as a minimum:
When finished, check your code using the validator, then copy and paste your perfect copy into a Google Doc, name it Assignment 3: CSS, and share it with Mr. Knowles.

4.0 –No errors & Above & Beyond Requirements
3.0 –No errors & meets MINIMUM requirements
2.0 –No errors but with 1 missing element
1.0Any errors in your code, no matter what the page looks like, or Incomplete (more than 1 item missing) but with no errors
Peter Knowles,
Oct 13, 2011, 7:02 AM