What are the STANDARDS in Standards Based Grading (SBG)

Grades in American Government and World History classes (including Honors World History) are based on your ability to show how well you meet the following Social Studies standards. Each STRAND is followed by three or four Standards that you will be asked to meet in various summative assessments. Your job is to show how well you have met each standard each time you submit an assignment. Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their skills in each standard*, and will always have opportunities to re-do and re-submit assessments.


1.1 Understand key ideals and principles of the United States, including those in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other fundamental documents.*

1.2 Understand the purposes, organization, and function of governments, laws, and political systems.  

1.3 Understand the purposes and organization of international relationships and U.S. foreign policy.  

1.4 Understand civic involvement.*


2.1 Understand that people have to make choices between wants and needs and evaluate the outcomes of those choices.  

2.2 Understand how economic systems function.  

2.3 Understand the government's role in the economy.  

2.4 Understand the economic issues and problems that all societies face.  


3.1 Understand the physical characteristics, cultural characteristics, and location of places, regions, and spatial patterns on the Earth's surface.  

3.2 Understand human interaction with the environment.  

3.3 Understand the geographic context of global issues.  


4.1 Understand historical chronology.  

4.2 Understand and analyzes causal factors that have shaped major events in history.

4.3 Understand that there are multiple perspectives and interpretations of historical events.  

4.4 Use history to understand the present and plan for the future.  


5.1 Use critical reasoning skills to analyze and evaluate positions.  

5.2 Use inquiry-based research.  

5.3 Deliberate public issues.  

5.4 Create a product that uses social studies content to support a thesis and presents the product in an appropriate manner to a meaningful audience.


3.1 Develops ideas and organizes writing

3.2 Uses appropriate style

3.3 Knows and applies writing conventions appropriate for the grade level.

3.3.2. Spells accurately in final draft.

3.3.3. Applies capitalization rules.

3.3.4. Applies punctuation rules.

3.3.5. Applies usage rules.

3.3.6. Uses complete sentences in writing.

3.3.7. Applies paragraph conventions.

3.3.8. Applies conventional forms for citations.

Common Core 9.4-
Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including vocabulary describing political, social, or economic aspects of history/social studies.

More details about these standards are available online at Washington State's OSPI Website (


         * CIVICS 1.1 and 1.4 are not a major component of World History classes and may not be assessed.

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