September 22

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Civics Standard
1.2 Understand the purposes, organization, and function of governments, laws, and political systems.

Day # 16Date:  September 22, 2011Standards:  Social Studies  
Target Question
How was ancient Greece changed by the decisions of Pericles?WHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN TODAY
Content ObjectiveUnderstand how Pericles changed the lives of those who lived under his rule, and how some of those actions had impacts on cultures that followed.
Language Objective   Students will discuss research material about Pericles as they determine whether it is fact or opinion, and as they create a mind map with a partner.HOW YOU WILL COMMUNICATE WHAT YOU LEARN

InstructionsContinue taking notes if necessary about Pericles, using the Pericles Notes template you started yesterday. Use a number of different sources from the list there, or use other reputable sources that you found yourself.

Once you've collected enough notes, transfer them to your Mind42 mind map that you started earlier with information about Hammurabi. Create a new node for Pericles at the same level as Hammurabi, then add important information about his leadership. 

When you have completed your work with your notes in the mind map, you may want to move on to tonight's homework. If you'd like to start with the template we'll be using in class, you may download it now from the Google Docs Templates. Look for one called Roman Leader Notes.

Homework: Learn about the Roman Empire's leadership by reading and taking notes on Julius Caesar and the "Good" Emperors. Read From Republic to Empire (50) The Early Empire (51-52) and the People in History section (51). Take notes about the important leaders and what they did. Have your notes ready for class tomorrow.

REMEMBER: To do your best on summative assessments, you'll need to use not only the information that we've discussed in class, but also include information from outside of classroom activities, either from information you already know, or from additional research you complete. Conduct your own research if necessary, or visit the Extension link below for ideas.
Formative AssessmentBe ready for a quiz over tonight's homework at the start of class tomorrow.HOW YOU WILL DEMONSTRATE WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED TODAY
Summative AssessmentOur next summative (graded) assessment will be a blog post in answer to the following question:  
How do the decisions of leaders affect those who follow them? 
Start thinking about examples you learned about today. They will come in handy when you need to write about them later.
ExtensionIf you have used all the links supplied about Pericles, try to find more information on your own about some of the other leaders from Ancient Greece who helped develop democratic ideas.  Try a Google Search for Solon, Cleisthenes, or Pisistratus and follow any of the links for more information. Add any notes you take to your Google Doc you started today, or to your mind map,  but make sure you note that they are from EXTRA sources. WHAT TO DO IF YOU'VE FINISHED THIS WEEK'S SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT