September 6

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Course: World History
Geography Standard: 3.1 Understand the physical characteristics, cultural characteristics, and location of places, regions, and spatial patterns on the Earth's surface and 3.2 Understand human interaction with the environment. 

Day #    4Date:  September 6, 2011Standard:  Social Studies  
Target Question
What impact did geography and natural geographical features have on the world's earliest civilizations?WHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN TODAY
Content ObjectiveUnderstand how river valleys provided both benefits and challenges to early human civilizationsWHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN ABOUT THE SUBJECT
Language Objective   Discuss in small groups as you learn; Report in writing your findings.HOW YOU WILL COMMUNICATE WHAT YOU LEARN
Activity4 Case Studies: Early Civilizations and Their Geographic FeaturesTITLE
  1. Form groups of 2 or 3 students (Your Choice)
  2. Spend a few minutes reviewing the Geographic Dictionary on pages A26 & A27 of the text to remind yourselves of the many different types of geographic features.
  3. PREDICT which of the features you think would play the largest roles in early civilizations' successes. Write your predictions on the paper provided. 
  4. AFTER making your prediction, turn to the pages indicated for your assigned civilization. Work together to read and discuss the information there. Learn all you can about the civilization, but keep an eye open for anything that mentions geographic features, especially those that had an impact on how the civilization was able to grow.
  5. IF TIME ALLOWS you will be comparing your answers with others who are studying the same civilizations; if not, you'll be moving to the closing, formative assessment below.
Formative AssessmentPost an Exit Slip summary of your findings: How important was the natural environment in the development of your assigned civilization?HOW YOU WILL DEMONSTRATE WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED TODAY
Summative AssessmentFriday's assessment will be a blog post in answer to the question: 
In what ways do geographic features play a role in how humans interact and build communities? Although you haven't set up your blog yet, you can start thinking about examples you learned about today. They will come in handy when you need to write about them.
ExtensionVisit the website "Top Unknown Empires" and choose from one of the 8 civilizations linked there to see if geography played a role in their development as well. Keep track of the information you find there. You can use that, too. WHAT TO DO IF YOU'VE FINISHED THIS WEEK'S SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT

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