September 2

posted Sep 2, 2011, 6:31 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Sep 2, 2011, 6:37 AM ]
Day 3

1. TURN IN: Did you remember to get your parent letter signed? How about your AUP? If you have either one (or both) signed, turn them into the basket. Please talk to Mr. Knowles if one or both of them is not in yet.

2. SURVEY: How well did you do last night's homework? You'll need your notes from last night's assignment, a highlighter, and the survey. As you complete the survey, highlight the word (and its definition) if it appears in your notes, and show whether your notes Mention the term, Define the term, or whether you Skipped the term completely.
When everyone is done, we'll be comparing responses from the class. But if you finish early, you may want to move on to the next item (it's homework over the weekend if you don't finish in class.... :)

3. READING: Continue your notes from last night while reading The Neolithic Revolution (p. 7) and Early Housing (p. 8-9). Use a new piece of paper. If you are satisfied with your efforts from last night, keep taking notes the way you did last night. If you need to make changes to your approach, go ahead and do so. 

4. ANALYSIS: After reading and taking notes on the Neolithic Revolution, answer question #5 on page 7 of the textbook. If you wish to discuss your ideas with classmates as you form your opinion, go ahead and do so. Aim for a paragraph-length answer to the question. Use the same sheet of paper as the notes you just took.

5. LOOK AHEAD: Next week's focus will be on a Geography Standard: 3.1 Understand the physical characteristics, cultural characteristics, and location of places, regions, and spatial patterns on the Earth's surface.  Review the two textbook readings we've done so far (p 4-9) to think about how the locations, distances, physical characteristics, and features of the land (and water) made an impact on people's lives. Jot down ideas to use later.