September 14

posted Sep 14, 2011, 5:11 AM by Peter Knowles
Time to work on your first summative (graded) assessment

Due Today, Sept 14.

If you haven't set up your blog yet, now's a good time to do so. 

As you begin to prepare your first graded assignment, pay attention to some of the requirements for your blog post, including:
    1. Tags -- Be sure to give your blog post the correct Tag (in this case, Geography)
    2. References -- Include clear and direct attribution to information you include in your blog. Phrases like "according to the textbook" or "on a website about early civilizations" can help show where your information and ideas came from. Include page numbers, where appropriate, as parenthetical citations (37) for example, for page 37. Include links to outside web sources.
    3. Title/Topic -- As an academic assignment, your title should reflect your topic (in this case geographic features and their impact on history)
    4. Spelling, Grammar, Sentence structure, etc. -- Although it's a blog, it's still a formal writing assignment on an academic topic. Use standard English conventions throughout.
REMEMBER: To do your best on the upcoming summative assessment, you'll need to use not only the information that we've discussed in class, but also include information from outside of classroom activities, either from information you already know, or from additional research you complete. Conduct your own research if necessary, or visit the Extension link below for ideas.

Visit the website "Top Unknown Empires" and choose from one of the 8 civilizations linked there to see if geography played a role in their development as well. Keep track of the information you find there. You can use that, too.