November 17

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Economics Standard 2.3 -- Understand the government's role in the economy.
Essential Question: What costs and benefits faced European nations as they attempted to create new trade routes?
Day # 53Date:  November 17, 2011Social Studies Standards  
Vocabulary Terms
Target QuestionHow important were the goals of God, gold and glory in the Spanish conquests of the New World?WHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN TODAY
Content ObjectiveStudents will understand how Spanish conquistadors managed to conquer established empires in Central and South America.WHAT YOU SHOULD LEARN ABOUT THE SUBJECT
Language Objective   Students will discuss similarities and differences between the Aztec and Inca conquests.HOW YOU WILL COMMUNICATE WHAT YOU LEARN

In Class Activity:

Start with a QUIZ over last night's homework assignment. You may use your assignment while you take the quiz, but do not use your textbook or help from another student. 

When you finish your quiz, open your Personal Dictionary and add the following words to it:
caravel (197)
conquest (199)
exchange (200)
Take some time to add details in your Personal Dictionary to help you understand these words until the rest of the class has caught up and is ready to move on. 
---OR --- 
Last night's homework introduced you to more people who can go on your map. If you have some time, add their routes to your map. (Page numbers are shown to help you find information you might need)
Hernan Cortes (198-9)
Francisco Pizarro (199)
If you're having trouble figuring out information about any of these explorers or where they went, you might want to consult the database of explorers at the Mariner's Museum online. Find the explorer you want, read about his travels, or click on the "Voyage Routes" link on the right hand side of the explorer's screen to find the actual route.

Today we'll be looking at the role of the Spanish explorers known as Conquistadors. 
Think about the two Native civilizations that were conquered by the Spanish explorers that you read about in last night's assignment. Consider the question:
How were the conquests of the Aztec and the Inca similar, and how were they different? (You may want to look at pages 198-199 to refresh your memory)
Open a new Google Document from a template called Aztecs Incas

With a nearby partner, brainstorm some of the similarities and differences to begin filling out the first table in the template.
After you've had a chance to do that by yourselves for a few minutes, we'll gather ideas from the class for you to add to your chart, too. 

We'll be watching part of a movie called "Guns, Germs, and Steel" that shows how the Spanish conquered the Inca. As you watch it, think back on an earlier three word phrase that described the reasons for European exploration: God, Gold, and Glory. 
How did the conquest of the Incas show the importance of these three ideas?

Tonight's assignment Read "The Atlantic Slave Trade"(204-207) then answer these questions:

1) What different steps and ideas did European governments introduce to help expand their territory and power as their overseas exploration expanded (204)

2) Why would a nation want a favorable balance of trade? (204)

3) Why did the European discoveries of and policies in the New World change the slave trade after the 1490’s? (205)

4) How did the slave trade change cultures in African societies such as Benin? (207)


REMEMBER: To do your best on summative assessments, you'll need to use not only the information that we've discussed in class, but also include information from outside of classroom activities, either from information you already know, or from additional research you complete. Conduct your own research if necessary, or visit the Extension link below for ideas.
Formative AssessmentBe ready for a quiz on tonight's assignment when you get to class tomorrowHOW YOU WILL DEMONSTRATE WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED TODAY
Summative Assessment

DUE 11/23
Our next summative (graded) assessment will be a blog post in answer to the following question:  
What costs and benefits faced European nations as they attempted to create new trade routes?
Start thinking about examples you learned about today. They will come in handy when you need to write about them later.

Learn more about Cortes and Pizarro and what they had in common. 
Learn more about explorers from all around the world at the Mariners Museum
Learn more about Marco Polo and the Silk Road with these web resources