May 8

posted May 8, 2012, 6:04 AM by Peter Knowles
Our next assessment

Standard-- Geography 3.3: Understand the geographic context of global issues.  

Big Question -- How do differing ideas of territorial control change the lives of people around the world? 

Content Focus-- Global Challenges 1870-1914: Ch 12, Section 2 & 3 (388-401), Ch 13, Section 3 (434-437), Ch 14 (450-479) 

We're getting closer to the end of new material for this assessment cycle, so it's worth taking another look at the question you'll be answering. Ask yourself:
How did Britain's ideas of territorial control in India change the lives of people there? 
If you can answer this using last night's assignment, it may help you as you think about how OTHER nations' approaches to territorial control of areas they encountered had an impact on people in other regions around the world. 

You might want to take a few minutes to add the following locations to your Google Map:
  • Kanpur
  • Bombay (Mumbai)
  • Calcutta (Kalicut)
Don't forget to include a few details to explain their significance in the reading from last night.

We'll watch a bit of a video that shows some of the events from last night's reading. (5:28)

Now for the main event:
  1. Create a new Google Document called "Costs and Benefits
  2. Type a title in the document, something like "The British in India"
  3. Create a two-column, two-row table
  4. Label the first cell "Costs", and in the space below, include a list of NEGATIVES that the British control of India included.
  5. Label the second cell "Benefits" and do the same, but include a list of the POSITIVES that the British control of India brought with it. 
  6. Use page 468 and the video to help you come up with items to include. You may also want to use this primary source.
  7. After making your lists, copy/paste, then answer this question at the end. 
  8. Do you think the benefits of the British presence in India outweighed the costs, or was it the other way around? Explain.
  9. Share your document in the Class DropBox when finished. 

HOMEWORK: Read section 14-4: Nation Building in Latin America (472-479) and create an outline of main ideas like you did for last night's assignment. You may even want to continue last night's outline with tonight's in the same document. Be sure to include main sections and subsections in your outline:
14-4: Nation Building in Latin America
Nationalist Revolts
Prelude to Revolution
Revolt in Mexico