May 25

posted May 24, 2012, 3:16 PM by Peter Knowles
Your latest assessment was due last night. If you completed it and published it to Blogger on time, give yourself a pat-on-the-back, a high-five, or whatever positive congratulations you feel you deserve. 

If you didn't ....   :( ! You won't have time to work on it in class today, but there is a 3-day weekend coming up. Get assessment #15 (and any other missing assessments) done before school on Tuesday. The last day for late/missingassessments is coming up soon (June 1st) so time is running out! (Re-writes will be accepted after that, but scores of zero due to missed assessments will become permanent a week from today).

But enough about that. 

Today in class we start our final assessment cycle, picking up where the last one left off:

After 4 years of bloodshed, destruction, and devastation, World War I has ended with a peace treaty that lays the blame -- and the cost of rebuilding -- at the feet of the Central Powers, most notably Germany. 
But what will happen next? 
Where will European nations go now that war has ended? 
How will the United States respond to its new role on the international stage? 
And what about Russia?

To start looking at the world AFTER World War I, you need to learn a little bit more about the League of Nations and its more modern counterpart, the United Nations. To do so:
READ the handout titled "Nations United". As you read, pay attention to the underlined words. You'll need to know their definitions to complete the assignment. 
OPEN a Google Doc Template called "Nations United" and complete the questions there. Share it in the DropBox before you leave class today. 

HOMEWORK: When you finish the in-class assignment, get started on the first reading assignment for the assessment cycle (below). You can get a nice overview of what you'll be reading about by taking a look at Section 1 The Futile Search for Stability but the actual assignment is to complete the BACK of the Nations United Handout, called Guided Reading Activity 17-1. 

Be sure to answer all 11 questions before class on Tuesday.