May 2

posted May 2, 2012, 5:52 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated May 2, 2012, 6:56 AM ]
You had homework last night; Today we start with an open-note QUIZ. Do the best you can, using your homework to help, then move on to today's activities.

We've been looking at how the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION and the ideas of CONSERVATISM, LIBERALISM, and NATIONALISM were changing the shape and decisions of European nations throughout the 19th Century. As these new ideas continued to make a difference in people's lives in Europe, they also began to reach outward, across the globe, to impact people and places in almost every continent on Earth.

Chapter 14 begins with a description of the impact of new ideas of IMPERIALISM in Southeast Asia. To get a start on understanding the changes occurring there at this time, begin reading the section in the text (pages 450-455) and answer the following questions as you read.  (Note: You may want to copy/paste the outline & questions into a Google Document to complete the assignment)
Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia 
A) The New Imperialism (450-451)
1- How was the "new" imperialism different than the old?
2- What were 4 primary motives for the new imperialism?
3 -What was "the white man's burden"?
B) Colonial Takeover (452-453)
1- How did England and France take different approaches to their colonial possessions?
2- How was Thailand able to remain relatively free from European colonial influences?
3- What approach did the United States take toward the Philippines?
C) Colonial Regimes (454)
1- Describe the basic differences between direct and indirect rule in the European approaches to their colonies?
2- How did some European colonial policies hurt native populations?   
3- How did some European colonial policies help native populations?   
D) Resistance to Colonial Rule (455)
1- What were three different sources of resistance to colonial rule in Southeast Asia?
2- Why were those in the urban middle class different than others who resisted colonial rule?

 If you complete the work in class, you may want to continue adding to your Google Map by adding the following locations, and important details, to your map:
  1. Singapore
  2. Burma
  3. Vietnam
  4. Philippines
  5. Thailand