May 14

posted May 14, 2012, 5:36 AM by Peter Knowles
Our next assessment: Due TODAY, May 14

Standard-- Geography 3.3: Understand the geographic context of global issues.  

Big Question -- How do differing ideas of territorial control change the lives of people around the world? 

Content Focus-- Global Challenges 1870-1914: Ch 12, Section 2 & 3 (388-401), Ch 13, Section 3 (434-437), Ch 14 (450-479) 

Today it's time to complete your next assessment. 
  • For ideas about how to organize your assessment, see Friday's assignment page
  • For a copy of the scoring guide/rubric that will be used to grade it, look here
  • For directions on how to insert your Google Map into your blog, follow these instructions
  • For help with citations, look at this page
  • For help with references, use this information
    • NOTE: If you are planning to cite one of the videos we watched in class, that information is here:
    •  For the video on the Sepoy Mutiny and British in India:
      • "Massacre At Amritsar." A&E Television NetworksLearn360.  Web. 11 May 2012.
    • For the video about the Suez Canal
      • "Suez Canal." A&E Television Networks. 2000. Learn360. Web. 11 May 2012.
  • For a checklist of what your assessment should include, see below. 

Assessment 14 Checklist. Have you...
  • Written a clear & inviting introductory paragraph?
  • Included a clear thesis statement in response to key question above?
  • Used effective transitions to move your reader easily between paragraphs and sentences?
  • Finished with clear and authoritative conclusion?
  • Provided a clear, accurate explanation of some of the more important concepts from this unit
    • Conservatism, Liberalism, Nationalism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Zionism, Social Darwinism, etc.
  • Provided descriptions of the impact of territorial decisions in the lives of people living in Europe in the 19th Century?
  • Provided descriptions of  impact of territorial decisions made BY Europeans on the lives of people in at least TWO of the following regions?
    • Southeast Asia
    • Africa
    • India
    • Latin America
  • Clearly shown connections between the ideas (conservatism, nationalism, etc) and the events in those areas?
  • Clearly connected examples to your thesis statement? 
    • Answer the "So What?" question ("This shows that....") as you close each section.
  • Included relevant content-related vocabulary? 
    • Highlight vocabulary words you've used to help them stand out to your reader (and yourself)
  • Used THREE (3) or more references in addition to class text? 
  • Cited all evidence correctly (format, location, punctuation)?
  • Listed all references used & use all references listed?
  • Formatted all references and complete list correctly?
  • Followed standard spelling & capitalization rules?
    • Need help with capitalization? Check out this guide.
  • Used complete sentences (except where fragments are used for effect)?
  • Labeled your blog as GEOGRAPHY?
  • Titled your blog: Assessment 14, or something even more appropriate?
If you have completed all those things on the checklist, you're ready to turn it in. Publish it, and then relax. We start our next assessment cycle tomorrow!

HOMEWORK: Assessment 14 is due today!  Please label it "Geography" and post it by midnight tonight to be on time.