March 6

posted Mar 6, 2012, 8:56 AM by Peter Knowles
FIRST we'll look at your homework from last night: 
READ the section in your textbook called The Seven Years' War (322-325). 
As you read, CREATE AN OUTLINE for the four major areas of war discussed:
I) War of Austrian Succession (322)
II) The War in Europe (323)
III) The War in India (323-324)
IV) The War in North America (324-325)
For each section, collect information to answer the questions:
a) When was it?
b) Who was involved (and on which side did they fight)?
c) Where did fighting happen?
d) How did it end?
e) Who benefited and who lost from the results?

THEN let's look at where you're headed with this information.
Due March 12, 2012 

Standard: History 4.2

 Understand and analyzes causal factors that have shaped major events in history.

Key Question to Answer

How do people challenge, change, and build on the ideas of those who have come before them?

Content Focus

Ch 10: Revolution and Enlightenment, 1500-1800 (300-329)

Big picture: Write a response to the question above to show how well you understand History Standard 4.2. Use a clear and inviting introduction as well as strong organization to lead your reader through your response. Include multiple examples from class and from your own investigations and experiences to support your thesis. Provide citations to show where all your information came from along with a complete and accurate reference list. Use standard academic English writing to present your ideas. Also, include your slideshow as part of your blog post. 

FINALLY, your HOMEWORK for tonight, the last for this assessment cycle, is to READ "Enlightenment and the Arts" ( pages 325-327) and answer the questions in the Google Doc Template called Ch 10.3: Enlightenment and the Arts.