March 26

posted Mar 26, 2012, 5:28 AM by Peter Knowles
Last night's homework:  Complete Chapter 11, Section 3 -- Read the assigned pages (360-367) and create an outline of notes about Napoleon as you read. The homework assignment is available as a Google Document Template called Ch. 11.3: The Age of Napoleon

Today, working in groups, you will decide what the key events in Napoleon's life were in each of the 4 sections of the chapter, and of his life. You'll transfer your outline for one part of the assignment into a slideshow that all can see and use. 
  1. Find your group
  2. Get your assigned section of last night's homework
  3. Work together to complete your slideshow (Follow the instructions slide carefully)
  4. Share your slideshow using the DropBox link when done (See below for instructions)

If you're submitting a Google Doc:
1. Open the Google Doc you want to share.
2. Click the SHARE button in the upper-right corner.
3. Click the CHANGE link at the top.
4. Choose to allow ANYONE WITH A LINK TO VIEW.
5. Also choose to ALLOW ANYONE TO EDIT.
6. Click SAVE.
7. Copy the provided URL. You'll need to paste it into the first text field in the new class DropBox.

Homework: Finish any missing assignments from this unit. Tomorrow we'll begin working on your next assessment, due this Friday. You'll want to be ready.