March 2

posted Mar 2, 2012, 7:08 AM by Peter Knowles
Today we start with a QUIZ over last night's assignment. Use your homework to help you answer each question.

Then, we'll break up into groups to learn a bit more about the many people you read about in last night's assignment. Use the textbook (page numbers shown) and the links to web pages below to learn more about your assigned person. Add information about that person to your slideshow from yesterday. 

IMPORTANT: Before you work on your Slideshow, you need to make a copy (Go to "FILE > Make a Copy", and on the pop-up window, do NOT  check "email collaborators". You'll get a Slideshow called "Copy of....whatever yours was called." In that copy, click on Sharing and make sure it is NOT shared with your previous partners)

Now, in your OWN COPY of the slideshow, add a slide for your assigned person. Follow the same instructions as before (6 x 6, key ideas, location, time, etc.). Also, include a link on your assigned person's slide to the website that you use. 

After you complete your assigned person, choose a different one from the list that you think is more important than the rest, and add a slide for that person, too. Repeat the activity you just did for the new person you've chosen.