June 8

posted Jun 8, 2012, 5:46 AM by Peter Knowles
RE-WRITES may be turned in until the day of your class final 
If you have any SECOND SEMESTER ASSESSMENTS that you'd like to improve, re-submit them by then. 
(Check your email daily to see when your assessments have been graded to see if you want to re-do them)

TO BEGIN: Last night's homework check: A QUIZ, and a request for your opinion on movies!

Now, it's on to the final. Here's the question again, with color coding to show how you need to think about the 4 different areas you need to discuss:
Key question: How did government decisionseconomic challengesgeographic factors, AND the consequences of earlier events help define the years following the First World War around the globe?  
Content: Include information from classroom assignments AND your own research to discuss events around the world from 1918 to 1945?
Research requirements: Correctly use and cite at least four (4) academic resources in addition to the class textbook. 
Standards assessed:
  • Civics 1.2- Understand the purposes, organization, and function of governments, laws, and political systems.  
  • Economics 2.4- Understand the economic issues and problems that all societies face.  
  • Geography 3.3- Understand the geographic context of global issues.
  • History 4.2- Understand and analyze causal factors that have shaped major events in history.
  • Social Studies Skills 5.2- Use inquiry-based research.  
  • Writing 3- The student writes clearly and effectively
Here's a suggested format that would allow you to successfully address all 4 areas as you complete your assessment:
  • Introductory paragraph, ending in a thesis statement that clearly answers the key question: How did government decisions, economic challenges, geographic factors, AND the consequences of earlier events help define the years following the First World War around the globe? 
  • Body Paragraph 1: Discuss and support issues related to government decisions between 1918 and 1945 in a number of locations around the globe.*
  • Body Paragraph 2: Discuss and support issues related to economic challenges  between 1918 and 1945  in a number of locations around the globe.*
  • Body Paragraph 3: Discuss and support issues related to geographic factors  between 1918 and 1945  in a number of locations around the globe.*
  • Body Paragraph 4: Discuss and support issues related to causal factors of key events  between 1918 and 1945 in a number of locations around the globe.*
  • Concluding paragraph, which summarizes or restates key ideas and gives a sense of closing/completion
  • Reference list with at least four (4) academic resources in addition to the class textbook, formatted correctly.
*Each body paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence that connects the paragraph's topic to the preceding information. Then you should include a few, well-chosen examples (with citations, of course) to help prove your claim in the topic sentence. Finally, add a concluding sentence that connects what you've just discussed with your thesis statement

Make a CHOICE and get to work. 

1) If you'd like to see how your final will be scored, look for a Google Document Template called Assess16. You'll see what you need to do to score well on the final.

2) If you'd like to keep collecting information for your assessment, keep working on your Assessment 16 Organization Chart; each box can become the basis of one of your body paragraphs. 

3) If you'd like to find outside information to include, try searching for relevant information using a search engine. You'll need at least 4 outside sources of information to add to the information from the textbook and class activities. Once you decide on a topic or particular example or detail to feature in your assessment, take some time to look for more information about it using an academic resource. 

For example, if I decided to discuss the Japanese search for a secure supply for raw materials to support its industry and military in my paragraph on economics, I might search for information using these key words:
Japan raw materials industry military pre world war II
The first few results are from Wikipedia and Wiki Answers, so I skip those and look for something that appears to be a solid academic source. The 4th item comes from "columbia.edu" and when I click on it I quickly learn it's from Columbia University's "Asia for Educators" site. It looks like it has information I can use, and it's from an academic source, so I begin looking for information that I'll need to cite it. The reference looks like this:
Asia for Educators. "Japan's Quest for Power and World War II in Asia." Columbia University. Web. June 8, 2012.
and the citations from that source would look like this:

4) If you'd like to use outside sources we've used or introduced in class, you can follow this link to the Assessment 16 page and look for the Resources section there.