June 7

posted Jun 7, 2012, 5:50 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Jun 7, 2012, 8:57 AM ]
RE-WRITES may be turned in until this Friday, JUNE 8th 
If you have any SECOND SEMESTER ASSESSMENTS that you'd like to improve, re-submit them by then. 
(Check your email daily to see when your assessments have been graded to see if you want to re-do them)

Key question: How did government decisionseconomic challengesgeographic factors, AND the consequences of earlier events help define the years following the First World War around the globe?  
Content: Include information from classroom assignments AND your own research to discuss events around the world from 1918 to 1945?
Research requirements: Correctly use and cite at least four (4) academic resources in addition to the class textbook. 
Standards assessed:
  • Civics 1.2- Understand the purposes, organization, and function of governments, laws, and political systems.  
  • Economics 2.4- Understand the economic issues and problems that all societies face.  
  • Geography 3.3- Understand the geographic context of global issues.
  • History 4.2- Understand and analyze causal factors that have shaped major events in history.
  • Social Studies Skills 5.2- Use inquiry-based research.  
  • Writing 3- The student writes clearly and effectively

Last night's HOMEWORK was to READ Chapter 19.3: The New Order and the Holocaust (638-643) and complete BOTH SIDES of Chapt 19-3 handout. Hand it in before getting started on today's assignment. 

Using information from last night's assignment (and the night before if you haven't finished that), continue adding notes using your note-taking chart called Assess16 Organization Chart.  

Copy of Assess16 Organization Chart

Tonight's HOMEWORK Assignment (the last one for our course) is about the way the war came to an end, and what came nextOpen a Google Doc Template called Home Front and Aftermath of the War and complete the questions there while you read the assignment. Be ready to hand it in/work with it in class tomorrow.