February 8

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Book Number? Still don't have it? Uh-oh.

Last night's homework assignment was to continue working on the two charts you'll be using for the new assessment. If you missed class yesterday, make sure you  Open a Google Document template called "Economic Empires Chart" and a second  Google Document template called "Muslim & Asian Vocabulary" . These are the two main assignments you'll be completing to prepare for your next assessment. If you haven't done it yet, be sure to complete the Ottoman Empire row on both charts by the time class starts tomorrow

Today, we're going to focus on one geographic aspect of the Ottoman Empire that can help you understand part of the Ottoman Empire's economic issues. It also happens to be a major turning point in history: The Fall of the Byzantine Empire. 

Turn to page 254 in your textbook. You'll find a two-page Geography focus that talks about the importance of Constantinople in various times in history. Begin by reading the right hand side "The Fall of Constantinople". Then spend some time looking at the various maps (there are three on the pages) and the captions that describe them. Then, discuss the answers to the following questions with a partner. Be ready to share your answers with the class in a few minutes. 
  1. How did the location of Constantinople make it such a valuable place to control?
  2. What does the 15th Century map show you about how military defenses were created to help defend the city?
  3. Based on the large map, why does it seem likely that Constantinople would eventually fall to the Ottoman Empire?
  4. What and where was the "Golden Horn"?
  5. Why did Constantine rename the city when Romans conquered it?
  6. Why do you think Mehmed II renamed the city when the Ottoman Empire conquered it?
After answering these questions, take a look at a Primary Source from the time when Ottoman forces defeated the Byzantine Empire. As you read it, ask yourself these questions (use line numbers to refer to the evidence behind your answers).
  1. How did each side rely on technological innovations to help achieve their goal? What evidence from the text supports your answer?
  2. How did each side rely on their religious connections and/or beliefs during the long siege? What evidence from the text supports your answer?
  3. Which side, in your opinion, had better leadership? What evidence from the text supports your answer?
  4. What questions do you have about this event in history that weren't answered in the text?
Be ready to discuss your answers when done. 

Homework: Read about the Ottoman Empire, pages 248-255, and collect information on your two Google Doc charts for the appropriate sections. 
** NEW: You will have a unit test over the terms and people on the Muslim & Asia Vocabulary chart before the end of the assessment cycle. The test is not open note so collect them and learn them.**
Peter Knowles,
Feb 8, 2012, 6:06 AM