February 7

posted Feb 7, 2012, 11:13 AM by Peter Knowles
Did you bring your book number?

Last night's homework assignment was to complete a Google Template called "Early Islam Fact Sheet" using your textbook for homework tonight. Take a QUIZ over your answers (as always, open note, so the more info you have, the better off you'll be.)

After the quiz, we'll be starting our next assessment cycle with our first assignment. 
Open a Google Document template called "Economic Empires Chart". This chart forms the basis of the assignments you'll complete as homework for this assessment cycle. 
The first one we'll focus on is the Ottoman Empire (248-255) Due Tomorrow. 
As you read those pages to learn about the Ottoman Empire, pay particular attention to anything that has to do with economic problems or issues that people faced. You'll want to collect examples in the far right column. Also, use the middle column to keep track of details about the particular empire you're focusing on. 

To help you complete that task, there's a companion document that you should also use:  Open a Google Document template called "Muslim & Asian Vocabulary". This chart contains many of the key terms associated with each empire. You'll need to collect definitions and know these terms as well. These terms will form the basis of homework quizzes.
** NEW: You will have a unit test over these terms and people before the end of the assessment cycle. The test is not open note.**

Homework: Read about the Ottoman Empire, pages 248-255, and collect information on your two Google Doc charts for the appropriate sections: 

EmpireBackground Info / Details
(Where? When? Who?)
Economic issues they faced and their responses to them
Ottoman (248-255)
EmpireVocabulary termsPeople
Ottoman (248-255)

expand (248)

domain (250)

Janissaries (248)

Caliph (250)

Pashas (250)

Gunpowder Empire (250)

Sultan (250)

Harem (250)

Grand Vizier (250)

Ulema (251)

Mehmed II (249)

Selim I (249)

Suleyman I (250)