February 29

posted Feb 29, 2012, 5:39 AM by Peter Knowles
*Yesterday you had a chance to see how Aristotle's ideas about science and the nature of the universe had an impact on scientific thought for centuries. 
*In last night's reading, you learned about how, beginning in the 16th Century, a string of people and ideas began to change those ancient ideas to ones that look a bit more like our ideas today. 
*To help you understand the sequence of events, you'll be creating a Google Doc Slideshow with a partner in class today, using last night's reading. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. Find a partner
  2. One of you needs to open a Google Doc from Template called "Scientific Breakthroughs", then share it with the other.
  3. READ the instructions on the 2nd slide, and FOLLOW them.
  4. Work on the first slide (Ptolemy) together, then divide the remaining 4 slides to work quickly through the material. 
  5. Don't spend time changing colors, fonts, backgrounds, or adding links to images until all your content is done.
NOTE: Be sure to include the following vocabulary terms in logical places in your presentation:
  • geocentric
  • heliocentric
  • conception
  • telescope

When finished, share your document with Mr. Knowles (make sure both partners' names are on the document) and then get started on tonight's homework assignment (You can add it to last night's assignment because the two sections fit together)
READ Chapter 10, Section 1 (307-309) and answer the following questions:
1) Text: What obstacles did women scientists face during the Scientific Revolution? (307)
2) Text: Were opportunities for women in science and scholarship advancing as quickly as new ideas about the world and universe, or were the attitudes toward women still operating under the “old rules? Explain. (307)
3) Text: What qualities and ideas did Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes have in common? (308-309)
4) Science, Technology & Society: Why would open communication among scientists in different locations be so important in the Scientific Method? (308)