February 21

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FIRST, let's look at what's coming up in terms of graded assessments:
Friday, Feb 24: Vocabulary test over vocab terms on your Muslim & Asian Vocabulary list. This is NOT an open-note assessment, so you should work on knowing the definitions of terms and people from the list. You can find review activities online in two formats: 

Then, your first written assessment for the new semester is due at midnight on Monday, Feb 27. You'll find all the details you need on the attached PDF document, but here are the key details: 

Standard: Economics 2.4

Understand the economic issues and problems that all societies face.

Key Question to Answer

How do economic decisions of a society help or hurt it over time?

Content Focus

Ch 8: Muslim Empires and Ch 9: the East Asian World  

Big picture: Write a response to the question above to show how well you understand Economics Standard 2.4. Use a clear and inviting introduction as well as strong organization to lead your reader through your response. Include multiple examples from class and from your own investigations to support your thesis. Provide citations to show where all your information came from along with a complete and accurate reference list. Use standard academic English writing to present your ideas.

Compose your answer in Google Docs. Copy & publish to your Blog by Midnight on due date (Feb 27th)

Students who miss deadline will be assigned working lunch until assessment is completed. L

Okay, enough about the upcoming assessments. Let's look at last night's homework assignment on Japan and Korea.

Work with 2 other students to compare the actions of Japan & Korea with those of China in their reaction to...

  China   Japan     Korea 
 Welcoming European Trade  pg. 279  pg.   285  pg.   289
 Christian Missionaries  pg.   278  pg.   286  pg.   289     
 Limiting areas & times where traders could live and trade  pg.   279  pg.   286  n.a.

Discuss how each nation responded to the three areas in the chart. Add information from your discussion to your Economics chart. 

Ask yourselves: Did the decisions of each nation help or hurt it in the long run?

When finished, if you haven't collected information from the section titled "The Tokugawa Era" (287) for your Economics chart, you should do so. There's lots of information there. 

HOMEWORK: Last section for this assessment cycle: Spice Trade in Southeast Asia (290-293). Complete final row of information on your two charts (Vocabulary and Economics). Have it ready for the start of class tomorrow. 

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Feb 21, 2012, 6:16 AM