February 10

posted Feb 10, 2012, 6:09 AM by Peter Knowles
Last night's homework was to collect definitions and information about the Safavid Empire.
Today we continue looking at the Safavid Empire by looking at a couple resources you might not have paid much attention to as you completed your assignment.

Use the information in the map on page 257 of your textbook to check and add to information on our Economic Empires chart for both the Safavid and the Ottoman Empires. Think about this question as you work:
What did the two empires have in common, and how were they different?

After using the map, turn to the "Social History" pages on 260-261. There's lots of information here about trade, money, and other economic concepts that you may add to the Safavid Empire portion of your chart.

In addition to adding to your chart, be prepared to answer the questions in the Analyzing Visuals box at the bottom right of page 261. (You may want to create a Google Doc to answer them, or add them to the end of one of your two charts). 

HOMEWORK: Read "The Grandeur of the Moguls", pages 262-267 and complete the Mogul Empire row on BOTH charts. Due Monday.