April 9

posted Apr 9, 2012, 6:21 AM by Peter Knowles
Welcome back!
It looks like Spring Break may have brought Spring weather with it. But now that we're back in school it's time to see how things are going, and get ready for the next few months of school.

Today in class you'll have a chance to talk to Mr. Knowles about how assessments (and your grade) are going. Many students have not turned in the last assessment (#12, due Friday before vacation) so if you still have work to do on that, you may want to focus your efforts there while you wait to review your assessments with Mr. Knowles.
REMEMBER : Students who have not turned in the last assessment are assigned a Working Lunch until they are turned in. 

If you have already turned in assessment 12, take time in class today to get ahead and complete tonight's homework from our new assessment cycle. Then you can enjoy the spring weather after school without any worries about tonight's homework.

READ pages 378-382. As you read, define the terms in the list on the left in Your Own Words Please (YOWP). Then create answers to the two questions on the right. 

Level 1: Define the following in YOWP

Level 2: Answer the following questions using information from the text

a.   agrarian (378)

b.   Enclosure movement (378)

c.   capital (378)

d.   entrepreneur (378)

e.   cottage industry (379)

f.    James Watt (380)

g.   puddling (380)

h.   Richard Trevithick (381)

i.    The Rocket (381-382)

1.     What five factors made Great Britain well-suited to dominate the early movement toward the Industrial Revolution? (378)


2.     How did the new factory system change the lives of England’s workers? (380)