April 30

posted Apr 30, 2012, 5:57 AM by Peter Knowles
Imagine that you lived in one of the areas you've identified on your map. Imagine that you were living through the time when ideas of LIBERALISM and NATIONALISM were challenging the old ways. How would YOUR life change as a result of the events going on around you? 
If you lived in Italy, as Garibaldi tried to unify the different areas into a single nation, or in Germany, watching Bismarck attempt to break free of the old control of monarchs, or in France, during the revolutions of 1848 or under the control of Napoleon III? 
  • What would your reaction to all the changes be? 
  • How would you live your life? 
  • Where would your loyalties be?
These questions are key to understanding the BIG question for our current Assessment Cycle: 
How do differing ideas of territorial control change the lives of people around the world? 

Although many of the revolutions of 1848 and beyond did not bring immediate change to who held power in Europe, they did continue pressure on the old ways of CONSERVATISM and the Concert of Europe. Today you'll begin looking at the next phase of these changes, turning your attention to the emergence of more democratic governments in many of the nations of Europe. 

As you read Chapter 13.3 (p. 432-437) complete the questions in a Google Doc Template called "Ch 13.3: National State and Democracy".  And think about the following questions:
Which of the nations that you read about seems to have the greatest control over its territory? And which one seems to have the least control?

HOMEWORK: Complete the Google Doc Template called "Ch 13.3: National State and Democracy" for class tomorrow. Also make sure you have the 13 locations from Friday's map activity located and described.