April 25

posted Apr 25, 2012, 7:09 AM by Peter Knowles
HAND IN your homework from last night. We'll take some time to see what you've come up with, so be prepared to share.

Once we're done with the Suffrage Movement Arguments, we'll be leaving the democratic ideals they represent behind for awhile and turn our attention back to post-Napoleonic Europe for awhile, where kings and queens, czars and emperors were busy figuring out how they could maintain control in the rapidly changing world that the Industrial Revolution had created.

Let's look back for a moment at the end of the French Revolution, with resistance from European monarchs to Napoleon's power, and the creation of a new organization meant to preserve the old power structure, from before the French Revolution.

 "Fall of Napoleon." Worldwide Academics. 2000. Learn360. 25 April 2012.

Our new Assessment Cycle picks up where Napoleon and the French Revolution left off. Key ideas from the two, including Nationalism and Liberalism, would soon come up against old ideas, embodied in the philosophy of Conservatism. As you read tonight's assignment, keep in mind the power of the French Revolution, the threat it held for the traditional power structure of Europe, and the way that powerful ideas can pop up again and again when you least expect them. 

HOMEWORK: Google Docs Template called "Chapter 12.2. Terms and Questions"