April 19

posted Apr 19, 2012, 5:10 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Apr 20, 2012, 5:02 AM ]
Due April 19, 2012 <<< TODAY!!

Standard-- Economics 2.2: Understand how economic systems function. 

Big Question --How do new economic realities impact the way people live their daily lives? 

Content Focus--Industrial Revolution: Chapter 12, Section 1 (378-387) and Chapter 13, Sections 1 & 2 (416-431)

As the deadline for this assessment nears, you might want to see if you've met all the requirements and, if not, make plans to meet them before posting your blog. Here's a suggested outline for the assessment:
Introduction, with thesis statement
Explain the new economic world created by the Industrial Revolution
What had changed?
Why had the changes occurred?
How did the new economic system work?
Explain how economic changes looked to the people who experienced them
Who was most affected by the changes?
How did people react to changes of the new economy?
Who was not affected by the changes?
Use specific examples or an in-depth case study to illustrate key changes (see below for details)
What were the most dramatic or important impacts?
Who or what specific examples best illustrate these impacts?
What data or evidence illustrates these impacts?
Conclusion, restating thesis
Keep in mind you also will need to include specific vocabulary terms that are appropriate to the topic at hand. 

To help you do your best, you might want to take some time reviewing the scoring guide that will be used to score your assessment. 


A NOTE about examples/case study: You'll need to think about a particular area of the first or second industrial revolution that you think illustrates how the new economic systems changed people's lives. You'll want to choose a particular invention, or change in people's lives, or inventor, or something whose contributions to the industrial revolution led to many large changes for people. (Look at the chart we made in class a few ideas ago for ideas). In your assessment, you'll need to describe in detail this "case study", so you need to know a lot about it. Start with the textbook, but then search online for more information that you can use. (You'll probably be tempted to go to Wikipedia for this, but only do so to find other sources online. Don't use Wikipedia pages for this part). 
This section is an excellent place to introduce reference material besides the textbook if you haven't already done so.