April 13

posted Apr 13, 2012, 6:03 AM by Peter Knowles
Are you a  paraskavedekatriaphobic? If so, I hope you're having a good day anyway. Hang in there....

Last night's homework introduced you to what's sometimes called the 2nd Industrial Revolution. Share your assignment by using the class dropbox or, if you've completed it on paper, hand it in.

Now, to help us understand the changes going on at the time, and how the two Industrial Revolutions compared to each other, create a new Google Document calledIndustrial Revolutions (<-- notice the s at the end? We're talking more than one here.)

In your Google Doc, use the Table > Insert Table option from the menubar to create a 3 x 1 table like this:

Leave the first cell blank. 
In the second cell, type "First Industrial Revolution"
In the third cell, type "Second Industrial Revolution"
After typing this, press Tab to get a new row in the table. 
It should like this:
  First Industrial Revolution Second Industrial Revolution

Now it's time to get to work!
The first column is blank because you'll get to decide what to put there. You might start by making a row titled:
  • Where
and then in the next two columns, explain where the First and Second Industrial revolutions took place. Don't forget page number citations (if you use the text) or other citations (if you use other, online sources) to show where you get your information. You'll want those later. 

After completing this row, press Tab again while you're in your last cell, and you'll get another row. Give that a different title, for example:
  • When
and repeat the process. 
Other ideas for that first column could include:
  • Who 
  • What
  • Energy source
  • Factory products
  • Inventors
  • Inventions
  • Resistance (for talking about people who opposed the changes)
  • Transportation
Or whatever else you can think of that will help you understand differences between the two.

Online sources that might help you understand differences (be sure to cite them!)

HOMEWORK due Tuesday (but you can get it done early if you like) can be found in a Google Doc template called Chapter 13.2 Assignment