April 11

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Assessment 13 -- Due April 19, 2012 

Standard-- Economics 2.2: Understand how economic systems function. 

Big Question --How do new economic realities impact the way people live their daily lives? 

Content Focus--Industrial Revolution: Chapter 12, Section 1 (378-387) and Chapter 13, Sections 1 & 2 (416-431)

Yesterday we started looking at why England led the way toward an Industrial Revolution. Now we'll look more closely at an important aspect of the changes taking place in England at the time and helping to fuel industry: The Enclosure Movement. Take notes on the back of your Why England? handout as we discuss this in class. As you take notes, think about possible answers to the questions below:

Questions to consider:
  1. What does "enclosure" mean?
  2. What benefit was there for landowners in enclosing their land?
  3. What consequences were there for landless workers?
  4. Why did landowners make this choice?
  5. What choices were available to the landless workers as a result?
Here's a video to help explain it if you miss class or need another version of the story. 

HOMEWORK: DUE Tomorrow, April 12
READ pages 382-385. As you read, define the terms in the list on the left in Your Own Words Please (YOWP). Then create answers to the two questions on the right. 

Level 1: Define the following in YOWP

Level 2: Answer the following questions using information from the text

a.     Robert Fulton (383)

b.     Thomas Malthus (383)

c.     Industrial capitalism (384)

d.     Michael Sadler (385)

e.     Socialism (385)

f.      Robert Owen (385)


1.     How did the new social classes of the Industrial Middle Class and the Industrial Working Class compare to each other?  (384)


2.     How did the new industrial economy change the lives of women and children? (383, 385)

The next Homework assignments (for those missing class or who want to work ahead) are both available now as Google Templates:
Chapter 13.1 Assignment (due Friday, 4/13) and Chapter 13.2 Assignment (due Tuesday, 4/17)