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December 12 (12/12/12)

posted Dec 12, 2012, 8:03 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Dec 12, 2012, 10:18 AM ]
Note: If you are planning to retake the Renaissance Unit test, please let Mr. Knowles know when you will be coming in to take it. Before taking it, remember to:
  1. Make corrections to all questions you missed on the first test
  2. Complete and/or improve the formative assessments for the unit (Renaissance WebByte, People, Places, Things & Ideas, Renaissance Locations, Google Map, Comparison assignment). 
  3. Bring all those with you when you will retake the test.
Remember: The retake test is NOT the same test you took the first time, so be prepared before coming in.

Last night's homework was to read the textbook reading  (179-181) and complete the second sections on the Reformation Reading Assignment. If you turned in your assignment to the DropBox yesterday, you don't need to share it again. If you didn't do that yesterday, please do it now. 

Today you'll continue your short research assignment about a central figure in the Reformation. 
Open your Google Doc from yesterday, and share it with someone else in class who can check it over for you. (And you should have a copy shared with you, too.) 
Read your partner's information and check for writing conventions (spelling, capitalization, etc.) Make corrections to your partner's work to make it as clear and accurate as possible.

Once you've checked your partner's work, return to your own to create a Historical Person trading card following the steps below. 

Follow the numbered steps below. Screen shots are provided to help you. If they are too small to read, click on them to open a larger image. 
 1) Open your Trading Card page, then type your first name and initial in the blank. 
Then click "Start".  

 2) Title your card with your person's name in the "Topic" box, then  choose "Real Person" as your card's focus. When you click, "Real Person" your trading card should open, looking like the image on the next line.  trading card screenshot 
3) On the screen that appears, click on the photo space (shown) or the yellow section titles ("Background" and "Major Events") to open the spaces where you can enter information from yesterday's research assignment. NOTE about photos: you need to find an appropriate photo of your person from a site whose copyright allows you to use the image. 
A good way to find appropriate photos that have the right copyright permissions is to use the  Creative Commons website. The two best links to search are shown in the image below. 

 4) After entering and checking your information in ALL of the spaces shown, click the "Flip" button near the bottom of the screen to see the other side of the card. Repeat the process for the back of the card. 
When you're all done, click the "Finish Editing" button in the lower right corner.  
 5) Click the "Save Drafts" button near the center of the screen and name your file by the person's first name, then save. The file will be saved to your Chromebook, but will be available to edit later on if you decide to make changes. 
After saving your file, click on the "Share Final" button. 
 6) Share your work with Mr Knowles 
That's all there is to it. 

Homework: READ the second half of our textook readings on this topic, pages 182-187. Answer the questions on the Spread of Protestant Reading assignment.