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October 30

posted Oct 30, 2012, 10:44 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Oct 31, 2012, 7:57 AM ]
Today you'll begin class by opening yesterday's Turning Points in History assignment and sharing/comparing your answers with others who did the same event as you. Be sure you're in the correct group, then REVIEW your answers and opinions of your assigned event:
  1. Pericles Expands Athenian Democracy (42)
  2. Spread of Christianity in Roman Empire (57)
  3. Battle of Tours (95)
  4. Magna Carta (121)
  5. The Crusades (123-125)
  6. The Black Death (142-143)

>>>>Pay special attention to your group's answers to the final question: 
Do you think the event is a true "turning point" in history? Why or why not?
This question asks you to JUDGE, or CRITIQUE, the opinions of others regarding the importance of this event in history. Your answer is your opinion, but it's important to understand the opinions of others regarding the same question.


Once you and your group members have had a chance to discuss, turn your attention to the colored piece of paper you've been given. As a group, decide the important 5 W's + 1 H of your event:

WHEN did it happen?
WHERE did it happen?
WHO was involved?
WHAT actually occurred?
WHY did it happen?
HOW did it affect events that followed?

Keep in mind that there are often more than one answer to each question. (For example, WHO might be a specific person, or a group of people, or more....)

Have someone in your group record your group's answers to the questions on the sheet of paper you were given. Write the group answers clearly, so they can be posted for others to read. When you're happy with the results as a group, call Mr. Knowles over to check your work.


Create a Newspaper Clipping with information about your assigned Turning Point event from yesterday. Be sure to use the proper date (or year, with a made up date, if you don't know the exact date) and an appropriate Newspaper name. You may make up a quote or two and attribute them to someone who was (or would have been) there.
When you're happy with your news clipping, choose the link that says "Download your image"

To submit your clipping, you need to follow a different procedure than you usually use to turn something in. Here's how:
Open your Gmail email window.
Choose COMPOSE and create an email to peter.knowles@whitesalmonschools.org    
In the Subject line, type "Newspaper Clipping"
Choose "Attach a File", then Choose the file called "newspaper.jpg"
In your message, include the name of your partner, if you have one.
Send your email and you're done.

HOMEWORK: You will have a NEW TOPIC assigned to you. Duplicate your assignment from yesterday (Turning Points in History) for your new topic. PLEASE COPY and PASTE the questions in your assignment from yesterday so you end up with a single document with two different topics in it. Due at the beginning of the period tomorrow.