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September 28

posted Sep 28, 2012, 6:06 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Sep 28, 2012, 6:08 AM ]
To begin today, start with a short survey about your opinions and thoughts on leadership. There are no wrong answers on this one. 

As others are completing the survey, take a few moments to think about what we've done this week. Here's a quick review:
  • On Monday we looked briefly at a number of different leaders that we encountered in the first unit, from Hammurabi to Shotoku Taishi. 
  • Then on Tuesday we looked at Greek leader Pericles, using videos, online resources, and a little bit from the text 
  • Then we moved on to the Romans with Wednesday's homework and yesterday's in class work, with information about leaders during the height of the empire: Julius Caesar, Augustus, and the Good Emperors.
  • Finally, last night's homework introduced two later Roman emperors who tried to stop the decline of Rome.
You should have notes and information about all those leaders to help you think about them later on. If you'd like to see a Timeline of them (plus the last leader we'll be looking at in this assessment cycle early next week) you can open a Prezi 

  1. What qualities did you identify as hallmarks of a good leader?
  2. Did the qualities shown in this video about Hadrian make your list?
  3. Do those qualities qualify as "leadership skills"? 
  4. Does Hadrian's leadership in this video qualify him as a "Good" Emperor?

Reference information for video
Roman Emperor Hadrian. A&E Television Networks. 1997.
  Learn360. 28 September 2012.

Homework: Get caught up, if necessary, with all of this week's work. On Monday you'll get your last homework assignment for this assessment cycle, and will be writing your assessment very soon after. You don't want to be behind at that time. 

Civics Standard
1.2 Understand the purposes, organization, and function of governments, laws, and political systems.

Assessment Question:
How do the decisions of leaders affect those who follow them? 
Use at least 4 sources to support your arguments