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September 17

posted Sep 17, 2012, 6:03 AM by Peter Knowles
Your first summative assessment is due on Wednesday, and today we'll start putting it together, as well as learning a bit about the Chromebooks you'll be using in class all year long. 

To begin, we'll start creating your list of references, something that's required with EVERY summative assessment you'll complete in class this year. 

Here's how:
1) Open a new Google Document by:
    a) Clicking on the "Apps" icon at the bottom of your screen (it looks like a tic-tac-toe grid, a small box with 9 boxes inside it)
    b) Choosing "Google Drive" from the options there
    c) Clicking on the red "Create" button at the left of the screen
    d) Choosing "Document" from the drop-down menu you'll see

2) Once your document is open, click in the upper left corner where you see "Untitled Document". Change the title to "Reference List"

3) Click on the main area of the screen and type the title "Works Cited", then center it using the center format button. 

4) Press "Enter" twice.

5) Type your first reference (one you'll probably use every time you turn in an assessment) for the class textbook. 
    a) Type the author's name, last name first, followed by a period.   
    b) Type the book title, italicized, followed by a period.
    c) Type the city where the publisher is located, followed by a colon (:).
    d) Type the name of the publishing company, followed by a comma.
    e) Type the year the book was published, followed by a period.
    f)  Type the word "Print", followed by a period.

Finished? Great! Now it's time to turn it in.

Here's how:
    1. Click the SHARE button in the upper-right corner of the document you want to share. 2. Click the CHANGE link at the top of the window that appears. 3. Choose to allow ANYONE WITH A LINK TO VIEW. 4. Also choose to ALLOW ANYONE TO EDIT from the drop-down options near the bottom of the window. 5. Click SAVE. 6. Copy the URL that appears in the box at the top of the window.
    7. Go to the CLASS DROPBOX (near the top left of this screen) and fill in the boxes there to submit your assignment.

If you've successfully submitted your reference using the class dropbox, it's time to get to work on your assessment
  • Have you decided which 3 or 4 civilizations you'll talk about in your response? 
  • Have you chosen good examples to help make your points? 
  • Do you know what page numbers those examples come from in your textbook so you can cite them correctly? 
  • How about other sources? You might want to use any time left searching for additional information about your chosen civilizations. 
Either way, we'll start working on the assessment together in class tomorrow, so you'll need to have many of those decisions made by then.