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October 31

posted Oct 31, 2012, 7:58 AM by Peter Knowles
If you completed last night's homework as directed, it should already be available to Mr. Knowles in the DropBox. If you did it differently, you may need to share it into the DropBox, and you should do that now.

The last few days we've been looking at 6 different significant events in world history. These events are considered so important in history that some people call them Turning Points. But is this true? Are these 6 events that much more important than other events that are not on our list? 
As we review them today, ask yourself this question:

What makes one event in history more significant than another?

We'll begin by discussing this question, first with a partner, then as a class.
Take 2 minutes to discuss your answer to this question with someone sitting near you. 
Then, be prepared to offer your own, or your partner's answers when we discuss as a class.

After the discussion, we'll take a look at this Prezi presentation that deals with our events. As we review them, think about how important you think each one of them is, when compared with each other, and when compared to many, many other events that could be added to the list. 

Finally, we'll finish with this survey to see what you think. There are no right or wrong answers here; just use your best judgment.