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October 29

posted Oct 29, 2012, 5:32 AM by Peter Knowles
Begin with a QUIZ, based on the in-class assignment from Friday. (Open Friday's document called "What Year is It?" to help you during the quiz).

Then, as you finish, you'll be assigned a turning point to study and investigate from the list below:
  1. Pericles Expands Athenian Democracy (42)
  2. Spread of Christianity in Roman Empire (57)
  3. Battle of Tours (95)
  4. Magna Carta (121)
  5. The Crusades (123-125)
  6. The Black Death (142-143)

Open a copy of a Google Document called Turning Points in History and Make a Copy.... that you can edit. Rename your copy of the document to reflect the name of your assigned event. 

Follow the directions in the assignment to learn about the particular event you are assigned, keeping in mind the idea of a turning point in history, and whether your assigned event would qualify as one. 

Homework: Continue working on your assigned topic. The sheet should be completed by the start of class tomorrow. Share it using the Class DropBox when you are done.