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October 26

posted Oct 25, 2012, 5:33 PM by Peter Knowles
Open a Google Document called "What Year Is It?", then use the File > Make a Copy... to create a file you can type in. 
NOTE: If you'd like to work with a partner on this assignment, you may. You may each work in your own copy of the file, or you can make a single copy, then share it with your partner so you work on the same copy together. Or you can work alone if you'd prefer.

Follow the instructions in the document. When finished, turn a copy that Mr. Knowles can edit into the DropBox

HOMEWORK: Finish today's "What Year Is It?" class assignment (if you haven't already), then spend 15-20 minutes over the weekend browsing through your textbook and making a list of TURNING POINTS in history that you think are important. You may come up with a list of events on your own (from your own head), but make sure they are discussed in the textbook. Try for at least 10 different events, and don't forget to record the page numbers where they appear.

Christopher Columbus sails across the Atlantic Ocean (196)
The Great Depression hits the US and the world (556)
and so on....