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November 20

posted Nov 20, 2012, 5:58 AM by Peter Knowles
We've got a lot of things to take care of today. Most are pretty quick, but one will take most the period, so let's begin right away.

1) You had homework last night; Any questions?

2) Write a definition for the word you've been given on the back of the slip of paper. Use your homework and/or your book to write a clear definition in your own words -- that someone else can easily read -- on the BACK of the paper. Include your initials and your class period in the corner. 

3) Add a new city to your map: Siena, Italy. Just locate it and add it for now. You'll learn more about it soon, and have a chance to write a little description about it. 

4) We'll watch a video together about the Italian Renaissance. If you want to cite it later, here's the citation:  
Da Vinci's World. A&E Television Networks. 2006  Learn360. 20 November 2012.
If you want to watch it on your own, you'll need to use the student login:
Username=columbia student 

5) Homework: The last homework for the unit -- Complete Part IV of the Renaissance: People, Places, Things & Ideas assignment. When you come to class tomorrow, your full assignment (parts I-IV) should be done.