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November 16

posted Nov 15, 2012, 8:58 PM by Peter Knowles

Today’s assignment really demands that you follow the printed instructions carefully. If you cut corners, it will be reflected in your score. Follow the instructions exactly as they are written.

You may work in pairs for this assignment. If you choose to work alone, that’s okay, too. But no more than 2 per group. Move away from others to really concentrate on what you and your partner are doing. You may each complete your own document or you can share one with your partner. Just be sure to share your finished assignment(s) in the DropBox (with the proper access privileges so Mr Knowles can read and edit) when you're done. 

Before you start the assignment, this is a reminder that you have homework tonight: Part II of the Renaissance: People, Places, Things & Ideas assignment from yesterday. Make sure you have that done before class on Monday. 

If you've read this far, you're ready to begin with today's assignment. (Remember, keep reading the instructions carefully!)

Ready to begin? Great! Click here to start.