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November 15

posted Nov 15, 2012, 6:08 AM by Peter Knowles
Yesterday you should have finished your 4-Flap Folded Review and your annotated bibliography, and you should have turned them both in. Those two assignments complete a short review of our first 4 units before we begin moving on to our next unit, which we begin today.

Our next unit focuses on the Renaissance, and to get you going, we'll start today by creating a Google Map that shows some of the main locations. Here's what you need to do:

1) Go to your Google Drive
2) Find the option on the menubar called "Maps" and click it
3) Click on the button labeled "My Places"
4) Choose the red button marked "Create Map"
5) You'll see a screen that asks for a title and description. You can title your map "Renaissance Map" and give it a description like "This map shows ares where important people of the Renaissance lived and worked".
6) Below the description, you'll see two options for privacy. For now, choose the second one, "Unlisted". 
7) You'll also see a link called "Interactive tutorial" right above the title. If you want to create your map on your own, click on that link and follow the directions. If you want Mr. Knowles' help, wait and we'll go through the whole process together.

 Where you're headed: When you're all done, you'll want five locations on your map:
a) Venice, Italy
b) Florence, Italy
c) Milan, Italy
d) Rome, Italy
e) Naples, Italy
 When finished, your map should look something like this:Italian Renaissance Map

When you reach this point, leave the map open on your screen so Mr Knowles can check your work.
While you're waiting, open a new tab on your computer and begin working on tonight's homework. 

HOMEWORK: Open a file called Renaissance: People, Places, Things & Ideas. It's a read-only copy, so use File >  Make a copy to make a copy you can type in. 
Tonight's homework is to read pages 162-164 of the textbook and complete Part I of the assignment. (Note: We'll be returning to this assignment throughout the unit; you only have to do the first part tonight.)
Have it completed when you reach class tomorrow.