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November 1

posted Nov 1, 2012, 6:50 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Nov 1, 2012, 10:50 AM ]
Please READ and FOLLOW all instructions carefully. Ask questions if you have them.

Today you have a chance to focus on one of the 6 turning points we've been looking at as you begin a simple slideshow presentation on the topic.
NOTE: You may choose any of the turning points for this assignment, but you might find it easier if you use one of those you focused on with your assignments earlier this week. 

Step ONE: Open a Google Presentation called Turning Point Show, then use the File>Make a copy... to create a copy that you can edit on your own. 
If you chose one of the topics you worked on earlier this week, open your copy of the assignment you did at that time called Turning Points in History. It has information you can use to complete the slides. 

Turning Point Show

Step TWO: Look at the slides. There are 6. Anywhere there is RED type, you will have to replace the words with what they ask for. There are also instructions in the notes section at the bottom of each slide.
When you replace anything in RED with your content, change the color of the text to BLACK but don't change any other formatting on the slides. NOTE: After you've completed ALL the content on the slides (through step 6 below), you may change the colors, fonts, and other visual aspects of the show (backgrounds, animations, etc.). Until then, leave the background white, and replace all red text with the requested information and turn the text black when done. 

Step THREE: Start changing the RED type in the slide show with your information. Begin with the title slide (#1). 
In addition to the title slide, you'll likely want to work on slides #3 & #4 (about your event) and #6 (references) today. If you've completed your earlier assignments well, you should be able to complete these by the end of class.

Step FOUR: Save slides #2 (BEFORE) & #5 (AFTER) for later. They will be our focus in class tomorrow, but if you're ready, you can get started today. You'll need to find some outside sources to help you answer the questions there. You may already have a good website collected (Check your Turning Points in History assignment that you opened earlier for a good resource) or you may want to go looking for another one. Don't forget to add any web sources to your References slide (#6).

Step FIVE: When you are finished with your work for the day (slides 1, 3,4, and 6), or when you're finished with Steps 1-4 (whichever comes first) you need to find a PRIMARY SOURCE that helps explain your chosen event. 
Use the following sites to find a primary source that you could use to learn more about your event. 
When you've found one, spend some time reading it and trying to figure out what it all means, how it helps you understand the topic, and what you can show about your topic using it as evidence. 

Step SIX: Create two new slides, inserted after the HOW slide (#4). Call the first one PRIMARY SOURCE and the second one EXPLANATION.
Step 6A: On the PRIMARY SOURCE slide, copy and paste part of the primary source that you want to talk about. Be sure to put quotation marks around it, and to include a citation at the end. 
Step 6B: Add a reference to the source on your References slide.
Step 6C: On the EXPLANATION slide, explain what the segment you copy/pasted means in relation to your topic. In other words, if you copy part of Pericles' speech where he talks about the awesomeness of Athens, use the Explanation slide to point out his key details and ideas.