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May 14

posted May 14, 2013, 5:36 AM by Peter Knowles
Day 68--

Learning Target ImageWhat will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?How will I  accomplish this task?  How will I show that I have done this?How well will I have to do this?
 I will be able to understand basic facts about the start of the Industrial Revolution.I will read/skim the textbook while looking for specific answers to questions.  I will bring my completed assignment to class tomorrow so I can work with the information. This is a formative assessment. It will help me understand material that I'll use in my later summative assessments. 

NOTE: If you're planning to retake the latest test, be sure to fully correct your first test, complete any assignments from the unit -- and bring them with you -- and come to the classroom at lunch to retake it. 

Today in class we start looking at our next unit, another Revolution, but a very different kind than the one we just saw in France. 
This one was international, it didn't involve huge swings in political power and violent activities, and was more focused on how the economic realities in people's lives changed. 

Known as the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, the times, people, inventions, and places we'll be investigating in the next unit have shaped many aspects of our lives today.
To get a good start on the new unit, you'll have class time today to read and complete (or get close to completing) your first assignment. 
  1. Get a paper copy of the assignment, or open a Read-only document, that presents 9 key questions about the reading. 
  2. Use your textbook (Chapter 12.1: Industrial Revolution -- pages 378-385) to answer the questions before class begins.
  3. Get as much done in class today so you don't have lots of homework tonight.

HOMEWORK: Complete the reading assignments and the nine questions.