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March 6

posted Mar 6, 2013, 5:57 AM by Peter Knowles
Day 27--

Your Unit 8 Assessment was due at midnight last night. If you completed it on time (or since then) congratulations! You're ready to move on. 
If you haven't turned it in yet, it's late, but you should complete it as soon as possible. Come in at lunch today (and tomorrow, etc.) until it's done for some extra time and help.

On Monday (if you were in class) you should have take a screen shot of your Google Drive. Now it's time to turn that screen shot in. Here's how:
** If you weren't here on Monday, or if you didn't take the screen shot, you can do it now. Follow these instructions, then return to this page and continue below. 
  1. Open your GMail account
  2. Click the   Compose   button to start a new message
  3. Type Mr. Knowles' address in the address line (peter.knowles@whitesalmonschools.org)
  4. Type "Screenshot" in the subject line
  5. Click the "Attach a file" link below the subject line.
  6. When you click the link, you should be taken to the place where you saved your screen shot. Choose the file from Monday (it's probably the first file on the list. It will have a strange name, but look for a file type called PNG, and a date and time from this class on Monday). See the screen shot below to see what it looks like.

Once the file loads into your email, send it; you're all done. 

After turning in your screen shot, it's time to take a look at Monday's test.

You'll get your test back, and take a little time looking at the results. You'll need to answer some questions about it in this feedback form, so open the form and follow the instructions there.  There are a lot of questions, but take your time. Read and think about each question carefully. This is what we're doing in class today, so feel free to take your time on it. 

After you've submitted the form, you may want to spend some time correcting your test (especially if you'd like to retake the test). You may retake the test starting tomorrow. Remember, for retakes to count, you must have your original copy of your test, corrected to 100%, and you must have all formative assessments for the unit completed. Come in at lunch or after school to take the test. 

Done with all that? Great! It's time to get a head start on our next unit, which begins with a focus on Islam and the growth of Muslim Empires. 
Open, then save your own copy, of the Early Islam Fact Sheet. Follow the instructions there and complete the questions before tomorrow's class.