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March 28

posted Mar 28, 2013, 7:02 AM by Peter Knowles
Learning Target ImageWhat will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?How will I  accomplish this task?  How will I show that I have done this?How well will I have to do this?
 I will be able to explain how decisions about interaction or isolation can have an impact on a culture's future. I will write an academic research essay that answers the essential question: How do decisions about trade and isolation help or hurt a society in the long run?I will complete the essay and turn it in to the Assessment Dropbox by the due date. This is a summative assessment. My scores will directly affect my grade.

Your written assessment is due TODAY at midnight. 

So today's assignment page is just like yesterday's, FULL of information, links, and other resources to help YOU write your assessment, meet all the requirements, and meet the deadline.

But before you pick up with where you left off yesterday, let's spend a little time talking about how to use a primary source in your writing. Whether you've chosen your primary source for this assessment or not, it's worth reviewing how to use one so you can make sure to do it right.

Write a well-organized, academic essay that answers the question:

How do decisions about trade and isolation help or hurt a society in the long run? (Due THURSDAY, March 28)

Include a list of Works Cited to show all the sources you used to write your assessment, and make sure you accurately cite the source of all information. 

 NOTE: Here's how to create a reference entry for your Works Cited for any website. 

*Secondary Sources -- You need to use at least 3 sources in addition to the textbook in your assessment. You may find your own, or use some of these:

*Primary Sources -- You need to quote from and explain at least one primary source. You may find your own, or use one of these:
*Options for organizing your response: You need to talk about at least 2 Muslim Empires and at least 2 Asian Kingdoms/Dynasties as you answer the question, so you might consider any of these organizational approaches, or come up with one of your own:
NOTE: (c) means citations needed in this paragraph
 Parag 1 Intro w/ Thesis   Intro w/ Thesis Intro w/ Thesis Intro w/ ThesisHelp with thesis statements
 Parag 2 2 Muslim Empires (c)Decisions that helped (c)Civilizations that interacted  (c)     First empire/culture (c)Help organizing your paragraphs
 Parag 3 2 Asian Kingdoms/dynasties (c)Decisions that hurt (c)Civilizations that stayed isolated (c) Second empire/culture (c)Help with writing citations
 Parag 4ConclusionConclusionResults of decisions (c) Third empire/culture (c) 
 Parag 5  Conclusion Fourth empire/culture (c) 
 Parag 6    Conclusion 
  Works Cited Works Cited Works Cited Works CitedHelp with Works Cited lists and with creating a Hanging Indent

Whichever approach you choose, be sure to connect the information you provide about each civilization/empire/kingdom helps prove your thesis. Include at least one sentence in each paragraph of the body that points directly back to your thesis and explains how the information you just presented helps explain your main claim (your thesis). One way to do this is to end each paragraph of the body with a sentence that begins:
This shows that .... 
Then complete the sentence with an explanation of how the information you just presented relates to your thesis. 

*Scoring Rubric: How your assessment will be scored.

Your Task










Introduction & Organization

Write clear & inviting introductory paragraph

WRTG 3.1

Include clear thesis statement in response to key question

SSS 5.1

Use  effective transitions to move between paragraphs and sentences

WRTG 3.1

Finish with clear and authoritative conclusion

SSS 5.4

Information & Examples

Provide ample, accurate information from 2 or more different Muslim Empires as evidence to support thesis

ECON 2.4

Provide ample, accurate information from 2 or more different Asian Societies as evidence to support thesis

ECON 2.4

Clearly focus on economic consequences of chosen examples

ECON 2.4

Use & explain at least one primary source to support argument

ECON 2.4

Clearly connect examples to thesis statement

SSS 5.4

Include relevant content-related vocabulary

ECON 2.4

Citations & References

Use 3 or more references in addition to class text

SSS 5.2

Cite all evidence correctly (format, location, punctuation)

WRTG 3.3

List all references used & use all references listed

SSS 5.4

Format all references and complete list correctly

SSS 5.4

Writing Conventions

Follow standard grammar, spelling & capitalization rules

WRTG 3.3

Use complete sentences (except where fragments are used for effect)

WRTG 3.3

*SSS=Social Studies Skills

Your score:





On 4.0 scale:

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