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March 14

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Day 32--

Learning Target ImageWhat will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?How will I  accomplish this task?  How will I show that I have done this?How well will I have to do this?
 I will be able to discuss the ways Europeans viewed Muslims when they entered their Empires.  I will read a primary source and answer some questions about it, then talk with others who read the same selection.I will answer a series of questions about my source, then discuss my answers with others. This is a formative assessment. I need to complete it carefully to provide material I will need later for my summative assessment. 
Standard: Economics 2.4 -- Understand the economic issues and problems that all societies face. 
Essential Question -- 

How do decisions about trade and isolation help or hurt a society in the long run?

All three Muslim Empires we've been looking at came into contact with outsiders.
Today you'll be reading a primary source written by someone from OUTSIDE the Muslim Empire, describing how things looked to  him. 
As you read your assigned source, answer the following questions (you might want to copy/paste the questions to the end of your chart from yesterday and type the answers there):
  1. Who was describing the events and places? (Not just the name, but where was he from, too?)
  2. Why was he there? What were his motives? What was he trying to accomplish?
  3. What does he seem to think about the Empire/culture he encounters? Does he respect, envy, despise, look down on, etc. them?
  4. What descriptions or comments seem like they might be pretty accurate? Why?
  5. What descriptions seem like they are not accurate -- like he really doesn't understand? Why?
  6. How do you think the Muslim participants (the ones being described) would have viewed the author? In other words, if you were reading the account from the opposite perspective, what would they say about him?
  7. Create a Reference Entry for the source you used. Ask for help if you need it.
READ at least one of the primary sources below, then WRITE a short explanation of what you learned about how Europeans viewed members of these empires. Write your explanation to the end of your Muslim Empires Comparison Chart. When done, create a Reference Entry for the source you used. Ask for help if you need it. 
Primary source A: The Ottomans policy of expansion to the west brought them into contact with many Europeans, especially soldiers. NOTE: This account contains two short passages, from different sides, so you won't have to answer #6 above, but you may need to talk about both sides as you answer the other questions in the list. 
--->Read here to learn how the two sides viewed each other. 
Primary source B: The Safavid Empire's policy of admitting westerners in exchange for access to their weaponry brought them into contact with European non-Muslims. 
--->Read here to learn how one visitor described the world of the Safavids. 
Primary source  C: The Mogul Empire was visited by many Europeans who arrived seeking trade opportunities and by Christian missionaries seeking to convert the indigenous population.
--->Read here to learn how one European visitor described the court of Shah Jahan. 

Homework due on Monday. 
Due March 18: China at its Height: Read pages 274-279 and collect definitions for:

series (275)

perspective (276)

benefit (281)

incentive (282)


Manchus (276)

Clan (281)

Imperial City (283)

Porcelain (283)

Queue (277)

Kangxi (278)


Zheng He (275)

Cao Xuein (283)

Yong Le (283)

Qianlong (279)

Economic problems or decisions: